Sometime in early 2006, Matan Schabracq and Anil Kably walked past a rundown bungalow on Pali Mala Road. Matan peeped into the garden area and wondered out aloud to Anil. Within a week they sealed the lease for what was to become the home of The Bagel Shop. Their idea was to start up a breakfast place that served up bagels and bagel sandwiches primarily. It’s been 10 years since that vision.

They got the Bagel Shop going and more than a business, they built a community; A multicultural cultural community that also welcomes our four-legged friends. The Bagel Shop today continues to play home and host to the much-quoted evolution of Bandra and its multi-cultural family.

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You can now order your favourite bagels, sandwiches, soups, salads and anything from the menu that takes your fancy. Order online or call us directly for deliveries within the Bandra-Santacruz area.



A celebration of the joie de vivre of a community. We at The Bagel Shop are proud to be a part of a vibrant Bandra community. Over the years we’ve watched her sigh and shout hurrahs. Queimada is a culinary tribute to the East Indian community of Bandra.

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